Can Roethlisberger bring his team back up?

Can Roethlisberger bring his team back up?

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Obviously, the Steelers didn't have their greatest season, especially after coming off a SuperBowl season. Does Ben have what it takes to bring his team back into the post-season?

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# 2

I think he has, he has proven himself in the past and I think he will rise again. But we will see when the how it goes, who knows what the Steelers can do this season.

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# 3

Oh, he definitely has the potential to do it...but will he? That's half of what makes football so enjoyable, you never know WHAT will happen...till it does. For my sake, i'd hope the Steelers have an excellent season. Even if they don't make the super bowl, I just want to see them play well.

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# 4

It's not a matter of just him doing it - it's the entire team. You can't have one player doing everything at once like rushing constantly. It's the defense and offense. With a horrid defense, you're going to get scored on a lot, with a horrible offense, your quarterback will end up being the entire offense, all rushing. This would cause him to get injured and worn out. That's all they need is a burned out quarterback.

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True, but often one player can step up his player, bringing the play of his team mates up higher as well.

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