Troy Polamalu...

Troy Polamalu...

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Speaking of salaries, what contributes to the amount of salary that the players are taking? Why is it that there are high-payed players even if their performance on the field is not that good?

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This guy amazes me. What I wouldn't give to have him brought to the Chiefs Franchise though I doubt that would ever happen. Anyways, I hear is is now one of the highest paid Safeties in the league now. He just got a 5 year, 33 million dollar extension!! I can't complain though, I see alot of other guys out there throughout other teams making a whole lot of money and they are just plain horrible at the game.

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# 3

Troy's alright, but I definitely would say he's over-paid. Granted, he's better than a lot of other players...but I still think it's too much.He's still a good and valuable part of the team of course.

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# 4

That is very good extensions contract. Salaries are paid based on performance, history, and negotiations. Sometimes the very good players do not get the best salaries because their agent is not good enough to negotiate.

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So if the salary is also based on a good agent, could the players change their agents for a better one so that they could have a better salary? And is popularity also a contributory to the salary that they get?

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