The "Steagles"

The "Steagles"

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I'm referring of course to the temporay merger between the Steelers and Eagles during 1943. The war was going on, and they were short many players...hence the temp merger. As a huge fan of both the Eagles and Steelers, i've always found this particular period of time fascinating. So, how many of you are familiar with this team? If so, have you read any books, or watched any films on the subject?

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I honestly have never heard of that. However, it sounds very interesting. Anyone know of any resources to find out about it?

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I never knew about that either when it happened - I didn't even know that was possible. Aren't the cities far from eachother? (I don't live in the States and am unfarmilliar from where everything is).

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Both the Steelers and the Eagles were/are teams based out of Pennsylvania, so the distance wasn't too bad.

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