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Was Just Thinking

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I was just discussing this with my mom and stepdad a few days ago... There's been cases before where murders have happened and players are still playing (I forget the names at the moment) and the same type of thing, but when this happens, you get put behind bars. Now don't get me wrong - this is wrong (what Vick is doing) but down south this has been going on for a very long time and is accepted there, and unfortunately this is what they do. It's like how other countries eat different things (eg: When the olympics were in Korea dog or whatnaught was taken off the menu sort of thing). See what I mean?

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I think someone that does something like that shouldn't be in the spotlight period. We don't need to give him anymore attention.

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I agree what Vick has done is not nice and needs punishment. But you will see the media attention to this will blaze away and wemight as well see him back on the field before you know it.

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Yes eventually the media will (hopefully anyways) back away from him - but they'll find other ways to get ways to find to talk about him... But do you see the other aspects of what I meant though?

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