Will Messi Become Just A Second Option?

Will Messi Become Just A Second Option?

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Messi, Henry, Ronaldinho, Samuel Eto’o and, Giovani Dos Santos(18 year old Mexican) will be the selection for the striker on the starting line-up. With all these great players, how would Messi remain on top as being a star? But according to Messi, "it all depends on the coach who he wants to be on the field."

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# 2

I think he does have a chance, he just has to prove to the coach that he can out play those other guys.

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I guess he needs to show it on practices that he is the one that needs to be inside the field on the games. And besides, the goal of the year that he has earned will make him in the position to be selected by the manager for the manager himself commented that his goal was "a work of art."

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# 4

He has to prove he's the one that can get the job done and keep proving it every chance he gets. He has the skill, he just has to remind the coach he has the drive as well. The most important thing is to play well consistently. So the coach and management know they can count on him.

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# 5

As long as Ronaldinho and Henry are doing their job, I think we will see less action on Messi's part. But I still want him to play for he really got talent. The manager should not overlook it for it would definitely an advantage in the game if Messi is inside the field.

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# 6

We still see Messi as one of the most active players in the team. It is hard to let him sit down for he got talents to show to everyone. With the combination of Messi and Henry, we see how dangerous they are in the games.

roser United States Roser
# 7

With the injury he just received and being pulled out right now I would say so, but you never know sometimes there are speedy recovery's.

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