Lionel Messi T-Shirt

Lionel Messi T-Shirt

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ilegal Italy Profile image 100x100
# 1

Hi Guys, I think Lionel Messi is an illegal player : that's why I made this Leo Messi T-Shirt. The concept is of course meant to be ironic.. ;) let me know if you like it! Your opinion is appreciated! Thanks!!

Alken India Profile image 100x100
# 2

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zamieo Sweden Zamieo
# 3

Well, he is illegally good ;)

Hala Madrid!
fanManU United States Profile image 100x100
# 4

Nice T-shirt! There really is something illegal about the way Messi runs the field when he plays. I'm sure that there are several players who wish it could be illegal for him to play. Maybe then some of the others would stand a chance.

bunker United States Profile image 100x100
# 5

I'm not sure I could consider someone illegal just because they are that good, but I like the design and colors of the shirt! Maybe it should say "it should be illegal to be this good."

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