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I just read an article that stated Figo knelt down to pray for another missing the shot (Beckham). I find it a little funny that someone would go this far to have hope in anothers mistakes. Whatever works I guess.

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# 2

I am not religious by any means but I do have issues with people using something that others consider scared for personal gain, that just really bothers me on the moral and ethics side I guess.

Sportygirl United States Profile image 100x100
# 3

I do not think any one should pray for anything so trivial as for someone to miss a shot. I think sports and religion should not mix. It just seems wrong somehow.

soccermom United States Profile image 100x100
# 4

Far be it from me to knock someone else's faith and if it works for him, that's great. However, I have a hard time that there's a divine being watching over the whole universe yet he's taking time out to worry about a soccer game.

chicka99 Germany Profile image 100x100
# 5

i can't belive that should be the truth, cause louis wouldn't risk his image to be an unserios player. and he is a celebrated famous player, he shouldn't do it. but he s great

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# 6

People take their faith very seriously, especially athletes. It allows them to go all out and believe that anything is possible. That's what you need out of a legend.

Ken Ratajczak United States Ken ratajczak
# 7

I would not presume to judge another person based on their faith. My faith tells me to live and let live. I think it's amusing that he thought that his higher power would be inclined to affect the outcome of a game. I think he was so involved in the games outcome, that he could not bear to have nothing he could do to defend that kick. How many times have you wished someone else bad luck or a bad outcome? Be honest !

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# 8

The fact lads/lasses that you think/feel it necessary to comment on the subject of faith points to the reality truth that God is ready to forgive mankind for their foolishness, by offering His only Son Jesus Christ as a replacement, or no pun intended, a substitute. And it is only through in Him that mankind can truly be saved.

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# 9

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# 10

He should not do that. To ask for such a simple thing is a bit belittling the dignity of God. He know the best for everyone. He don't need to be told what He have to do.

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