Knee Injury

Knee Injury

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Its been exactly 26 days since Figo had his knee surgery but he is still not playing in the games. Inter lost another midfielder who have again have knee injury. This becoming common to the players of Inter. I hope Figo will return soon.

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Injuries are never good, and it seems betwee shoulders and knees those are the top two that keep people out of games the most.

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He won't be back until next month to fully recover from his injury. I think his age (35 years old) is the reason why his injuries are not healing very fast. I just wished he will longer but I think that won't happen.

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Any idea what exactly happened to the knee? I know age slows down healing like most, but it maybe a different type of treatment could speed up the process?

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It was a broken fibula (this is the smaller of the two bones in the lower part of the leg). I just made a post about it, seems he decided hes not coming back for good now. Maybe after the holidays he will change his mind?

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Dont they usally wait longer than a month for recovery? I thought they mostly gave 6-8 weeks for something like that.

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Depending on what you end up doing damage wise, they can give you more or less. I know some doctors that look at past injuries and how long they took to heal also.

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Most doctors for surgery type deals want you rested for a good 6-8 weeks. Barely a month is shocking he would have had tried that soon to get back.

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Perhaps he has come to realize even he isn't going to live forever. Recovery from injuries takes time and perhaps he doesn't want to go through the proper healing time while having fans and coaches and owners pushing him to get back in the game earlier and risking further injury.

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# 10

It must have been some nasty injury that despite 26 days elapsed he still can't get into the fields playing. It must be really a serious injury that he's advised to get fully recuperated before playing again.

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