Kicking The Advertisement Board

Kicking The Advertisement Board

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What do you think of Figo kicking the advertisement board after being substituted in their game against Catania last September 16? This action of Figo made a conflicting reaction between the coach and the president. Coach Mancini is not happy with the kicking of the advertisement board (it might be his advertisement that was kick, LOL). While President Moratti sided with Figo and commented that "he(Figo) should always play."

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# 2

All of us have different attitudes... we don't know what was really insides Figo's mind at that time why he kick that board. But based on situation... Figo is inside the field, of course he is tired, pressured. Maybe he is planning something in his mind at that time for the game when he was being replaced... Some of the people react and said it's a childish reaction but for me, it's one of the real man's attitude... my opinion...

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# 3

Exactly, he might have a good plan in his mind to have a goal and then suddenly it was disrupted when he was replaced. But I think he should play professionally for he is inside the game and its part of the job when he is replaced without his own decision.

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# 4

Are you suggesting that he could not have just been having a bad day? Agreed with the person who said we don't know whats going on in his mind. Maybe it was a bad call to make on his part, but it doesn't surprise me, after all the work he does for the sport, shouldn't he get to kick something sometimes?

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# 5

your right... maybe his having a bad day and he do really to make it up then suddenly he was replaced in the game. It seems that it is not the right timing for him to be replaced... Anyway, it is much better to kick the board rather than other players... If I was him and having a bad day.. Hmp! maybe I kick someone in the ass..hehehe.. just kidding..

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# 6

An advertisement board is an advertisement board. If nobody was hurt,why make a big deal about it? We all have bad day's, and Figo screwed up a what?

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# 7

Yeah, your right Grandslammer, It's only a board why do they have to make it a big deal. Maybe they just want to criticize him because his really one of the top earner, hehehe...

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# 8

That what happens to people who becomes famous, every bit of action is being scrutinized. I agree that it is just an advertising board and I'm glad that he didn't hurt anyone because of his frustration.

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# 9

I have seen people do far more damage to "work related things" and not even get a slap on the wrist. Odd how the world of sports works huh?

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# 10

You are right wt10... There are much more worst things that happen in the field but does not have big issues like this. But, if we are going to take account for this... I'm stil proud because issues becomes big when those issues comes from big people.. means that my idol is a great one and should be talk about because for me his not an ordinary player..

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# 11

Honestly, this is barely even newsworthy. Why do people make a big stink about it? He kicked a stupid advertisement board, and people get pissed? LOL

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