A Possible Move To LA Galaxy

A Possible Move To LA Galaxy

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Luis Figo and French legend Zinedine Zidane met with LA Galaxy's President Alexi Lalas. This is according to Corriere dello Sport. Do you think these players will be a possible addition to the American Club? If that is the case, then LA Galaxy will become stronger and soccer in America might get more attention.

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They should keep Luis where he is, and i'm entirely serious. While he would no doubt be a huge assest to LA Galaxy, I don't think he'll get as much opportunity to shine, sharing a team with an over-rated player such as Beckham.

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# 3

On the bright-side, going to Galaxy could make Figo better known in North America, but on the other hand he would have to compete with Beckham for spotlight attention. Either way, he would definitely help LA a lot, in more ways than one.

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If Figo would move to LA Galaxy, it would be a new great oppurtunity to him. It would also makes LA more popular since another great player would join a great team.

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This information (if not rumor at all) means that Figo is already popular having the president of LA Galaxy talked to him personally. But I guess we won't see Figo playing in the American soccer fields sooner or later. We see him play actively for Inter Milan and no reasons to move out yet.

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I think if this things are already happening, I think Figo will be half hearted in the game. Surely he will not be in full concentration in Milan since other side of his mind is in LA Galaxy. And added to that, he is really not happy what Milan is showing to him..

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What are you people talking about? Luis Figo is still playing just fine, and I haven't really noticed any performance decline. If he were truly unhappy, it would show more I think.

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# 8

I doubt that Figo will move the LA Galaxy anytime soon, he is a very strong player both on his team and on the Portogese national team. And LA Galaxy will not look for another superstar so close to Beckham, it is just bad business sense...They will make as much money out of Beckham before moving anyone else as huge as Figo over.

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