Figo - the dominator

Figo - the dominator

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# 1

I can't get enough of Figo's dribbling skills. It seems so easy for him to pass almost any defender on the field. And the precision he has on his shots and passes is just extraordinary. Gotta love the guy. /ET

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# 2

I love it when a player can really play the game, when it becomes second nature to them and the bond is perfect. For me, this makes an interesting game to watch if both teams have players like this, otherwise I have to just change the channel.

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# 3

Dominator? Indeed This man is one of the most talented men in all of Soccer, bar none. That's why he needs to stay with teams who would best utilize and appreciate him.

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# 4

There is no doubt he is one of the players who can outmaneuver defenders but why is it that he is not included in the latest FIFPro's XI Best Players of the World? Well, there are only 11 players that will win the award so I guess if there is number 12, Figo might have it.

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# 5

How quick this guy is, it makes you wonder if its all natural ability or how hard he ends up training for before games, practices and the off season.

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