If Ali had started boxing today...

If Ali had started boxing today...

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If Muhammad Ali had started his boxing career today, do you think he would still of had the same widespread impact that he had in boxing? Do you think he would be dominating boxing now as a champion, or would he just be a top contender? I personally feel he'd be the champion, although it's difficult to know how much of an impact he would have as a new boxer in the new millenium. He would be highly note-worthy regardless of course. What are your thoughts?

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# 2

I see no reason why it wouldn't be pretty much the same thing because Ali had pretty good competition then - maybe even better than the current crop.

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# 3

I think the boxing scene has remained unchanged for a long time. There is no real science to it. I think Ali would be king of the hill in much the same way he was in earlier days.

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You know, now that I think about it some more...I think you both are pretty much right. Muhammad Ali just had that natural and quite incredible gift to be an amazing boxer, and no amount of time passing could hope to ever change that.

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# 5

I think that if Ali was starting out today then he would take boxing and make it a main stream sport. Everyone would be into it. He had a way of pulling people in, and few have had that.

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# 6

Muhammad Ali was one of that very rare breed of boxers who made everyone want to watch his fights, even if they normally didn't particular care about boxing. While i'm not sure on the exact numbers, Ali had a huge effect on creating many casual fans, as well as making existing boxing fans even more dedicated.

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# 7

I don't know the numbers either but its true. I don't have a great deal of interest in boxing besides what my father taught me, but even a generation removed I still love Ali.

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# 8

To this day, Muhammad Ali is one of the most recognized and beloved sports figures in the world, and easily on par with Babe Ruth in Baseball, Michael Jordan in Basketball, or Wayne Gretzky in Hockey. There are many sports stars that EVERYONE knows, but Ali is certainly one of the few.

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