Is Ali still "The Greatest"?

Is Ali still "The Greatest"?

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Muhammad Ali was and always will be considered one of the most legendary and talented boxers to ever exist, but will he always be considered "The Greatest"? Some fans and critics may even feel that he has already lost that title, but I do not. What made Ali the greatest wasn't just the amount of wins or how well he boxed, but also his technique and even his taunts and speech. Simply put Ali had everything that would make a boxer legendary, and is yet to truly be matched. How do you feel?

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There was a whole lot more to Ali than just happened in the ring. He was a legend for his whole demeanour, his style, his teasing. No, I don't think anyone has yet matched him.

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Joe with all you said there its very well true he is the greatest. Not everyone will carry themselves the way they do in the ring outside of it and Ali always had.

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There are many very good and very valid reasons why so many still refer to Muhammad Ali as the best boxer ever, and it wasn't all for his on ring performance, although that was a huge HUGE part of it. He'll always be remembered as a true legend, regardless of who else may come along later.

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I think Ali will always be considered a boxing legend. His feats and accomplishments, in and out of the ring, have seen to that. Still there is no reason to believe that no-one else will come on the scene and eventually surpass Ali's accomplishments.

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Someone may come along and surpass his boxing accomplishments (fight more fights, win more titles) but I could never imagine anyone else doing it with the same grace and flair as Muhammad Ali.

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will i think so also i like the techniques that he showed.. most of all he is so one can be like him.... Online Filipina Girls

Maree Cartujano United Kingdom Maree cartujano
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Muhammad Ali floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Of course, he is the greatest! But who comes close? Click and start reading the story here.

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Fighting styles and fighting strategies have changed over the years. I think there are better boxers now than before. Boxing Sports News Portal

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Ali was the epitome of showmanship. He lived in a different era. His political and religious views earned him the scorn of middle class America. Racists denounced him, purists called for his imprisonment. And when he was striped of his title in 1967 for refusing induction into the armed forces due to religious beliefs, he did not get to box for over 4 years.He was only 25 years old and at the height of his career. No one could touch him. His ability to live according to his faith and principals robbed him of his peak boxing years. Still, he came back to hold titles against all the odds. Yes he was the Greatest of All Time!

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