Who would win...

Who would win...

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nisse Sweden Profile image 100x100
# 1

...Ali in his prime or Tyson in his prime?

sportmom United States Profile image 100x100
# 2

Ali no doubt, less Tyson tried to take an ear or something....

Goofer Jamaica Profile image 100x100
# 3

I still see Tyson more as a street fighter than a pure boxer. I think that Ali, in his prime, was as he himself said, the greatest. Tyson couldn't touch him.

Umpire Jamaica Profile image 100x100
# 4

Class IS class. Ali was simply fluid in motion and I don't know how Tyson would even get to hit him. That would frustrate the hell out of 'Mad Mike'.

indi United States Profile image 100x100
# 5

I still gotta stick with my guy Ali. I would have loved to have seen some of his matches. All time the greatest, Ty is good but Ali is great.

football fan... United States Profile image 100x100
# 6

Tyson can't compare to the great Ali. Ali would never resort to ear biting or any other illegal actions in the ring. Tyson should have stayed on the streets.

PassTheBall United States Profile image 100x100
# 7

Simply put Ali had style, technique, and brains. Mike Tyson on the other hand was a brawler, who was very ferocious in his prime but lacked the technique and finese of Boxers such as Muhammad Ali, who truly made boxing into an artform. Mike Tyson was little more than pure aggression, and he'd lose the match if he couldn't find a way to end with within the first few rounds or so.

Choice United States Profile image 100x100
# 8

Tyson would have been worn down by Ali dancing around. His aggression would have him wasting his energy whilst Ali just lightfooted around him.

HenryEigth United States Profile image 100x100
# 9

IF Tyson was able to get in fast and hard, he might take it. But Ali was so nimble, so quick on his feet, that I think he would run rings around Tyson and just wait till he dropped from exhaustion. One good punch, and pop, he's done.

PassTheBall United States Profile image 100x100
# 10

Ali in his prime had the endurance to make a long fight work to his advantage, which is something Mike Tyson never really excelled at. He always tried to push for quick fights, by coming out swinging aggressively, which was highly effective, but he couldn't sustain it for longer than a few rounds. Once Tyson lost the ability to end fights fast, his career started heading downhill.

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