Ali - the humanitarian

Ali - the humanitarian

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I just cannot get over the things that Ali has been able to accomplish both in and out of the ring. To me some of his greatest accomplishments have being during his retirement. As afflicted as he is with Parkinson's disease, the man still continues to travel the world trying to alleviate hunger and poverty. What a legacy.

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One of the things that continues to make Ali 'The Greatest' is the things that he does, not only in, but outside the arena. His humanitarian efforts are legendary despite his own physical health.

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That, to me is what makes the man such a legend and an inspiration. Despite all the odds, he continues to work for other people's betterment. The image of him making his way, one step at a time, to light the Olympic flame still burns in my mind.

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The torchlighting at the Olympics still remains one of my favorite Muhammad Ali moments, but he has always been a man to persevere no matter the hurdles and obstacles he had to go through to get there. He remains a source of unlimited encouragement to people in all walks of life, health, and race.

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Well you know with the disease that he is suffering from, he has a wonderful chance here to do further good. He has a history of it, so it would be so cool to see him crusading for research into his illness.

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