What's he doing now?

What's he doing now?

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Where is all the news on the sports page about the skills of Ronaldinho? Where has he disappeared off to?

alibaba United States Alibaba
# 2

Of course now rumors are swirling everywhere that he wants to quit playing at the end of this season. He has not proved himself thus far with Milan. I was saying a few weeks ago he shouldn't retire because maybe he had some more good years in him, but now I can't help but think his better days are over and gone.

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roser United States Roser
# 3

I heard some stuff that he just wanted to quit since the fan base he once had is doubting him, that is the jist of it. I really am not sure what to think, hes been in the media so many times now, its almost like a head shake - not sure what to believe about this one anymore.

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I don't know if the rumors of him wanting to quit are true or not but if that is how he feels he just needs to do it. It really doesn't matter if the fans are doubting him or not; if he is giving up it's time to quit. The fans deserve better than that.

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