Ronaldo is forgive and No Mojo?

Ronaldo is forgive and No Mojo?

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That sounds like the silliest thing I am sure, but it looks like Man U has just lost its umf. I read an article talking about how they are just in a slump but I really think its not going to end, its turned into a downward spiral. Now at the same time Chistiano Ronaldo is saying that his fans forgive him for the Madrid issues, have they? Is everything just pure speculation?

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There are some problems going on, and outside of speculation we won't know anything more until somebody speaks up about it. They need to get everything sorted out now, and do what they can to get the team back on track.

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If there really are problems with the team, then I think that we will hear about it soon enough. There are so many ways for team members to leak info-it'll happen.

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To be honest, I am pretty surprised that more hasn't been leaked by now. Unless a lot of the speculation actually is false, I would have expected more things to have be confirmed by now. Hopefully things aren't as bad as we fear.

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I am sure it will soon come out - all the various versions of the truth and the attempts for damage control. In the end, it wont seriously matter as the games will have to go on.

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Loose lips sink ships and it seems they are not wanting anyone to know what is going on. I wonder if even the players have a clue right now?

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I think most of the players realize there are problems going on, but some of them may not have any idea what's really causing it all to happen. More time should provide greater clarity, but we may not like the results.

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Lets hope that those who end up being the ones that notice also help to bring it back around to the team we all once knew. The more teams work together the better the team.

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I am just afraid that the revelations may cause some of Manchester United's best players to leave, but that may be the exact result we see, but only time could tell us that for sure. Could you imagine if the root problems turned out to be most of their best players?

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That would have to be devastating for such a highly reputable team like ManU. I am sure there would be some serious backfire from the fans they have.

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I just hope that whatever is going on is explained to the players. Keeping them in the dark and letting imaginations fly can only serve to make players nervous. I would hate for some good players to feel insecure and decide it's time to abandon ship. Especially if it turns out to be something between Ronaldo and management and is not really a 'team' matter.

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