So what do you think of Sir Alex Ferguson?

So what do you think of Sir Alex Ferguson?

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England Mr sporter
# 1

He's better than the previous manager, Ron Atkinson, of course. But is he really Manchester Utd's best manager ever?

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# 2

he is the best and the most suceesful manager man u has ever got in the premier league history.he has a year or two to go on his managerial career.i believe he is the man

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# 3

He is good in managing a team and leads them to a lot of victories already. But I think he cannot manage to lose temper. Almost all sports have something to be upset upon but temper could be controlled.

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# 4

Temper is something he might really need to work on. Sometimes you have to keep your cool and this is a position that does require it to some point.

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