What would happen if Hargreaves is out of the game?

What would happen if Hargreaves is out of the game?

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The last news and it was confirmed that Owen Hargreaves is suffering from tendonitis and needs to be injected medicines to his knee to be cured. What would happen if his problem persist? do you think this would affect the games of MU? can they afford to loose Hargreaves?

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honestly I think it is becoming more common among many athletes to do that. I'm not saying it is a good idea. I have had the treatment and you can actually cause more damage to your knee without knowing it at the time, because the shots deaden the pain for a few hours. None the less, you see so many players in the NFL, NBA and NHL taking injections in the knees to be able to perform.

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Really, so it means that it's only like a pain killer but not really a cure? Thanks for replying in this thread.. It was really a nice and knowledgeable opinion... Does it mean that Hargreaves can still play the games but later on his health problem will be much at risk?

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Same as guliz, I took the shot to keep playing....long term there are no effects if nothing else happens. The real danger is the shots are designed to deaden the pain temporarily so that an athlete can keep playing for that day. Two things go beyond that. When the shot wears off, the pain is even more intense. That's how people get addicted to the pain killers....they need it more and more to keep going. secondly, the knee is essentially without feeling for the time being....so you can wind up doing more damage and never know it until after the fact because you cannot feel the injury while it is occurring.

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The problem is, although the player can play the game because he does not feel any pain by using injectible pain killer but the problem in his knee is having more problem and getting worst. They are not giving the cure but only a remedy right?

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# 6

exactly right....and a very short term fix at that

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it's like taking any pain killer...it wears off and the pain comes back....plus more pain if you have done more damage in the interim.

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# 8

This is one of the reasons these athletes are very dependent on drugs because they cannot perform at their best without it. We might expect that someday soon, Hargreaves will have a knee surgery because of this problem. But I hope he will still get well and play longer for MU.

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Your right, it is only a temporary fix, I have to deal with the same type of thing for my back (called trigger point injections), its shot directly into the muscle, and sadly for me, only last for afew days, otherwise there is constant pain. If he can do his job while still getting his temp. fix, I see no reason why to replace him, thats just stupid. If he can do the job, let him, if he cant thats an entirely other story.

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Hargreaves is actively playing now so that means they have remedied his injury. According to research, athletes have faster recovery rate than normal people. I guess that is the reason why they could recover from injuries in very short span of time.

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