Look at their win ratio!

Look at their win ratio!

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Sporter76 England Sporter76
# 1

I think the numbers speak for themselves. Not many teams can beat those guys.

Touchdown United States Touchdown
# 2

that's true - you have to give it to man u - they always compete on top

sportmom United States Profile image 100x100
# 3

Can you give me an example of some #'s. I am still learning the sport and want to educate myself, so I can sit down and have a heart to heart with someone about this very topic.

lise42 United States Profile image 100x100
# 4

Win ratio is meaningless in many regards. What matters is what those wins add up to - Championships. The Atlanta Braves, MLB, won their division 14 years in a row and had nothing to show for it , World Series title wise. Currently, the NY Yankees have won their divison 9 years in a row but haven't won a World Series in, I think it's been 7. Win all the reqular season games you want but if you can't bring home a title you might as well finish last.

player1 Thailand Profile image 100x100
# 5

Scoring in football is really different from other sports but its still pretty easy to understand it. Here is the explanation for the points: Win - 2 points, Draw - 1 point, Loss - 0 points. This is how you get the scores in the football league in Europe. Well is this scoring is from UEFA rules and they changed once in a while.

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