Has Money Killed MU?

Has Money Killed MU?

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Money seems to take it's toll on most sports. Players (MLB and NBA) make more than they should. Some teams (NY Yankees, NY Knicks) have more money than they could ever spend. The Washington Redskins are another team that spends or has spent to win and it hasn't paid off. With the change in ownership , etc over the past few years, has MU fallen into the trap of spending to win and still not win?

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depends on how the money is used. Many of the teams you list have gone out to spend money on a big name player that tends to underproduce, based on what he is getting paid. They do it to appease fans to make it look like they made a major move. The teams that are successfull over the long haul are the ones that find the players that fill the holes on the team, regardless of money.

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As, what you are saying makes perfect sense. There are teams in the states (the Yankees in baseball and the Redskins in football) who have tried to buy PR and fans with a splash signing. You get headlines, but you don't get championships.

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It's about filling the holes on a team with the right players. But when you spend 20 times what a team is worth to buy it, your first concern becomes filling the seats and selling merchandise and thus these short sighted decisions are made.

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I agree that the best way to build a team is from within with a few minor add ons to help fill holes or augment what you have. However, there is more money to be had in some instances in lossing. Look at the Chicago Cubs. They are the "loveable lossers" and the owners have made next to no effort to change that since the Loveable lossers tag keeps the bleachers full and the merchindise flying out of stores.

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no question how you market the team's success or lack of it has a lot to do with the income of the team. The Cubs are one of the few teams that have been able to get away with marketing their jinx and losing ways. The Cubs have also not tried to fill the seats via signing the biggest name free agents, so expectations are always kept in check.

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I really hope not, I end up losing faith real quick when people let money to go their heads. Greed takes over so much and it just ruins the reason you starting to like them (players) or the team in the first place.

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I agree that it is very easy to see the players as greedy and lose the joy of the game, and then realize that the fans are feeding into that.

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It kind of bothers me when greed takes over. Then they just play to get the money, screw the fans and everything else. Thats not the reason I enjoy sports, though it is probaly the reason I am picky with what I watch and support.

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# 10

Im still wondering this myself. Money can take over anyones pure thoughts of any job, esp. sports being in the spotlight all the time.

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# 11

Although MU is spending a lot of money, they are also getting much profit so their balance sheet is still balanced. MU is spending money only to what is profitable so its ok for them to spend a lot of money.

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# 12

Hopefully it has not yet spread to MU. It is one of the worse things to see a team throwing away millions on a player who doesn't care about playing and instead works on racking up arrests, drug charges and multiple notches in his bedpost. I'd rather a losing team that loved to play than a winning one that wastes money on people who don't remember why they picked up a ball in the first place.

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# 13

I would love to know the statistics on team members that are in it for the money and then the ones that are really in it for the game.

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