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Newbie here and have to tell all about how fantastic the Manchester United are. What's the most craziest thing you've done or bought as a fan of our great club? I once painted my upper body red with a white wig for a Cup match a while back. I haven't done it since I have to say as it was extremely difficult to remove. The most maddest thing I bought were these Manchester United casino chips from … atID=1063. and i collected everyone until I drove my wife mad! LOL! They are useless to me as I'm rubbish at Poker! - They just look cool on my shelf at home! Seeya all,

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I think I want to start collecting either bobble heads or pez dispensers of sports/players. Anyone know where I can find some?

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best thing to do for the bobble heads is ebay....have to take a chance on the condition, but the bobble heads are usually given away at games, and stores/sports collection places are not big into them because the re-sale is so low....go to ebay and there will be hundreds.

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Awesome! I am all about the bobble heads, and I think they would be fun stuffers for the stockings this year, as we need to send my husbands mother and stepdad their gifts over the seas. Wonder if I can just get them shipped direct?

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My husband has been collecting sports memorabilia since he was a child. He now shares that passion with our sons. There are many places to go and look for collectables. What I have learned is that the best thing to do is "think future". 90% of the hundreds of items he has were worth little when he got them but are worth a boat load now. Autographs, cards, programs, etc. I hate the clutter, but some of the stuff is pretty cool.

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Good call with the air tight cases. I have a 1962 baseball autographed by Yaz that still looks liek he signed it yesterday. Air is inks natural enemy.

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# 7

I have a friend of mine that turned his spare room into his sports hang out. The walls are lined with hats from every single team he has liked, or watched in game. Needless to say, you barely see the walls, he is a true sports freak!

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The bobble heads are always a nice stocking stuffer, where can I find the chips at, can I get them online?

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