Am I a fraud ?

Am I a fraud ?

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I am well versed with forums but this is the first time I have joined a sports forum. To be honest I'm more of a water sports man (sailing-Ribs-dinghys) and in joining here I feel a bit of a fraud. However, with my experience on Forums - I have over 2000 posts on my favorite I know this is the place to come for assistance. One of my closest friends in the daughter of the late Shay Brennan who played for MUFC in the 60's. Shay passed away some time ago leaving Michelle various items connecting him to the club and of course the friends he made their during his time on the pitch. Michelle is just about to move house and is having a clear out - she has donated a great many things to friends and family which I am sure you will appreciate is a pretty easy task. However, she has just come acorss one item which she felt might prove of interest to a wider audience as it does not have a personal connection with her dad. It's a MUFC football, new - not match used - with the the United Crest and date of 1968. In addition it is signed by George, Bobby, Sir Matt and several others. It is in extremely good condition, the names are slightly faded as one might expect froma 39yr old ball but as it has been kept bagged and in the loft it remains pretty much as it did the day it was signed. What I whouls like to call upon here is your experience in what this might be worth. Whilst we are not expecting millions/1000 even, we would not like to get ripped off. Can anyone advise a good place, other than perhaps ebay to take this for a valuation and or sale. Are there any interested parties here ? Michelle would be more than happy to demonstrate authenticity, if you visited her home you would find many many interesting MUFC items, caps, medals, pictures, etc etc (thinking about it this may not be the best place to say that !!!!) Anyway - your thoughts are welcomed. Thanks in advance - Graeme

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Hey Graeme, sounds like a nice item you have. I have a friend who works for an auction house that trades in sports collectibles. I will hear what it might be worth. /toro

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I think if you have a general interest in a sport, you are not a fraud just for not doing that sport yourself. Take me for example, I dont do any sports (rare if ever), I am a mom, most dont expect a female to throw on some gear and go play hockey. I would, but really I dont live in a area that is setup for it. I think if you have the interest, and want to learn more its all good.

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Graeme, take the ball out of the bag and place it in an air tight glass or plastic case. If you properly store any autographed item it can last a very, very long time. My husband has autograhped items that are over 70 years old that his father gave him. Because they have been cared for they still look brand new. Air kills ink and autograhps. You stuff could be worth a nice sum, but if the signatures are fadding, the value can drop by as much as 50%. If you ever collect ball cards, don't get them autographed. A card can be worth a lot of money, but once it's signed it it's considered defaced and they value will change, most likely go down.

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I think you can watch one thing and then another without being in the middle of the battle of all teams. I try to stay with who I like, but I still root for others sometimes.

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