Neville's reccuring habit

Neville's reccuring habit

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Well, it think it is too much to say that Neville's conduct in the last derby was a recurrent habit. He just...did it again. Three years ago he received a £5,000 FA fine and was warned over his future conduct for the similar behavior. He celebrated his team's win in front of Liverpool's fans. I just wonder why professional players like Neville (and Adebayor as well) do such childish things.

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It really is for shame isn't it? I mean, this is Gary Neville, an adorned club captain. He should feel embellished enough by his skills and his teams to where he doesn't need to add his foolishness to the already extremely hot fire. So, why does he continue to make himself look so ludicrous? The answer is very simple, because he can. He can afford the fines, simple as that. If the punishments were harsher by managers, they would not carry on in such a manner. Some managers, not all, even condone and embrace this behavior. These players do not even realize they could start riots from their acts, but I guess they don't see themselves as setting an example for their teammates and fans.

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These guys just don't think. If they increased the fines or made the punishments harsher they may get the point, but the fine is nothing compared to what they get paid.

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Yeah, if a fine doesn't seem to work, FA should find another kind of punishment which makes them learn the lesson. It won't be an easy job though. Some misconducts are too light to punish harshly, but too annoying to let go.

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Alibaba makes a good point. These players can afford the fines-they are pennies to them and unfortunately it means that the punishments really are not punishments and do little to discourage the acts that incur them.

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Of course they don't care and in poor Neville's case, I can't help but laugh at the guy. He was not even playing, I think the fella was just so bored, he couldn't contain himself. I guess the possibility of getting in trouble just thrills him so much; kicks and giggles.

"Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string." — Pelé
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I don't think celebrating a win is that big of a problem, but he was intentionally trying to evoke some emotions. Angry soccer fans can turn into a riot at any point.

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