Tevez Says He'll Stay

Tevez Says He'll Stay

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Carlos Tevez says there is no way he is planning to leave Man U. Although he has yet to sign a new contract and has been receiving next to no field play, Tevez states he is happy at Manchester and that leaving has not crossed his mind. http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=587882&sec=england&campaign=rss&source=soccernet&&cc=5901

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Well then I hope he gets some field play pretty soon, before he gets sick of the lack of time and decides to go where he will get play. They can't afford to lose anyone else right now.

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Well what exactly is the hold up for him playing? It is just a random pick and choose for who gets to help the team or what?

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It might just be a normal hold up with anything that we most times as fans never hear about. I am sure there could be a number of reasons we never think of.

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We'll see.

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Magalhaes: We'll see.
Mmm - well as I'm not a Man U supporter but I do love to watch Tevez play and I hope he stays because in my opinion - Tevez and Rooney HAVE to play together on the field at the same time - they have a unique 'bond' when playing together and they understand each other and know what is expected. I have great resepect for Tevez and Rooney alike!

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Tevez is the MAN

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