My first question

My first question

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Sweden Nisse
# 1

Is really Manchester Utd as good as people say? They probably are though.

Sweden Support
# 2

I agree, they are quite good. Thats what I feel anyway. What do you all think of their chances of winning the upcoming game?

Spain J dog
# 3

I think they suck!

Sweden Nisse
# 4

Oh, come on... They arent that bad, seriously. At least they are much better than FC Barcelona for example.

Sweden Support
# 5

Yep, they are definitely good. That is a fact.

Sweden Nisse
# 6

Or maybe just a little bad luck lately?

England Sporter76
# 7

I think they are OK, but not great.

England Mr sporter
# 8

So, who is their current star player now?

"God is dead" - Nietzsche, 1882. "Nietzsche is dead" - God, 1900.
England Mr sporter
# 9

I sure hope that they don't fuck up their next game.

"God is dead" - Nietzsche, 1882. "Nietzsche is dead" - God, 1900.
England Mr sporter
# 10

Sorry about the language in my previous post...

"God is dead" - Nietzsche, 1882. "Nietzsche is dead" - God, 1900.
Spain Profile image 100x100
# 11

they will fucking win again - they squashed the spurs tonight

Sweden Profile image 100x100
# 12

Whats with everyone having pictiures of their cats. This is a sportsight or am I in the wrong forum?

England Londoner
# 13

ManU is always ManU - you cannot remove their steadfast performance year after year. They will always remain one of Europe's top-5 clubs.

United States Profile image 100x100
# 14

Of learning anything through all my years knowing people in the UK (friends, family, and old travel clients) I have always heard "Manchester" more than any other word (besides pub). I want to visit my inlaws one day, and try to catch a game, I think that would rock. Its not like Im here in the US going to baseball games or anything. *grin*

United States Profile image 100x100
# 15

Man U has name brand recognition and a solid history, but are they really as good as their pub?

Thailand Profile image 100x100
# 16

I Man U deserves the popularity they are receiving right now. But I think they are over-rated all the time. The thing is, some fans make Man U as a testing ground for other teams in the league. If other teams could defeat Man U then they have passed the test, if not then Man U still rules. Well that's not my point of view but from what I see from fans of Man U.

United States Roser
# 17

Not many places or people can talk the talk and walk the walk. So far from what I have seen for this team its about 90% all true if that tells you anything.

Sweden Nisse
# 18

But how come they don't win more often? Is there something wrong with their coach?

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