Dominic Rhodes

Dominic Dondrell Rhodes is an American soccer player who plays presently for the Florida Tuskers team since 2010. Born in 1979 in Texas, Dominic stands five feet nine inches tall. After playing college ball with Midwestern State, running back Dominic Rhodes signed with the Indianapolis Colts in 2001 as an undrafted free agent. He played with the Colts from 2001-2006 and then signed with the Oakland Raiders as a free agent for the 2007 season. The two-year deal with the Raiders was worth $7.5 million. However, Rhodes violated the league’s substance abuse policy and was released by the Raiders on April 28, 2008.

On May 7, 2008, the Colts inked a one-year contract worth $605,000 with the Colts. On 17th April, 2009,he signed a two year contract with the team of Buffalo Bills and was released the same year on 5th of September.

In six seasons, Rhodes has played in a total of 81 games, rushing for 2,576 yards. His career average is 4.1 yards per carry. He’s made 20 touchdowns and fumbled the ball 10 times, losing nine. His best year was his rookie season with Indy. Rhodes played in 15 games, carrying the ball 233 times for 1,104 yards, while averaging 4.7 yards per carry. And although he fumbled and lost the ball five times, he made nine touchdowns and 57 first downs.

In 2006, Rhodes started as the Colts lead running back but ended up giving ground to rookie Joseph Addai. Addai proved to be a ground gainer who could break out for 10, 15 and 20 yards at a time.

Rhodes has been a perplexing player and person. He proved to be a force in the Colts Super Bowl victory, but after the Super Bowl garnered negative press by getting arrested for DUI.

He stands just five-foot-nine and weighs 203 pounds, which means his size is less than ideal. Still, he is an aggressive runner who’s willing to give and take his licks. Although not very effective going north-south, Rhodes is a fine straight-line runner who has shown speed and some smarts in the open field. He can catch passes and is an effective short yardage catcher. Physically, he’s not the most durable player and his hands can lose the ball. Rhodes is a good second-string runner.

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