Laurence Maroney is a former American football player who last played as a Running Back with the Denver Broncos. He spent 5 seasons in the National Football League since the 2006 season, however, his contract with the Denver Broncos didn’t extend in 2011, as he was arrested on weapon charges in January 2011.

Maroney’s Childhood Years

Maroney has been playing as a football varsity in Normandy Senior High School. Apart from football, he was also playing basketball and track for the school. Maroney is a prolific sportsman since he was young as he was hailed MVP twice in basketball and earned 5th place in track for the 200-meter dash.

Entering NFL as the Possible Next Star

When Maroney entered the National Football League, he already exceeded the expectations of the New England Patriots. He was chosen to play the running back behind football star, Reggie Bush. However, Maroney went missing games after he had a knee injury before the season starts. He returned during the regular season as his debut for the Patriots. He was then awarded as the Rookie NFL Player of the Week (Diet Pepsi).

Position Running Back
Height / weight 1.8 m / 100 kg
Born 5 Feb 1985
Nationality United States United States
Team History
184 denver broncos Denver Broncos 2010 - 2011
42 new england patriots New England Patriots 2006 - 2009

Although Maroney didn’t have a bad career as a football, still the Patriots thought that he didn’t grow up with the team the way they visualize him to be. During 2007, he has an average of 4.6 yards per carry, but the Patriots lost due to his playoff touchdowns.

Maroney’s Current Career

In 2011, he was arrested on weapon charges, but he was immediately released by the St. Louis police because he had a permit to carry weapons. However, this marked the end of his career because his current team, the Denver Broncos, did not re-sign him. Maroney never became a football coach or signed as a sports analyst, but he retired with almost $9 million at 25 years old.

In 2018, he was inducted by the University of Minnesota to their Athletic Hall of Fame.

Football Records:

Rushing Yards: 2504
Rushing touchdowns 21
Receiving Yards: 459

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