Trai J. Essex is a 6-4, 324-pound offensive tackle lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. He was drafted in 2005 out of Northwestern in the third round as the 93rd pick overall. He played on the Super Bowl XL Championship Steelers.

Essex, who has the potential to start at right offensive tackle, serves as Pittsburgh’s second string left offensive tackle. Although a tad too heavy and tall to play OT, he shows fast footwork and moves well laterally, allowing him to offer protection on the periphery. Essex, who was a tight end in college, brings quickness, sound body control and fine balance to his game. He’s shown steady improvement in his first few years with the Steelers.

He needs to work on his timing and use of hands in controlling the opposition. At times, he’’l lunge off the ball, compromising his control over the defensive player. He may also, due to his size and athleticism, have a future at guard. Essex, who is now a backup player, has the potential to be a starter. The Steelers signed him to a new one-year deal in March 2008.

Team 179 pittsburgh steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Position Offensive Tackle
Born 5 Dec 1982
Nationality United States United States
Team History
179 pittsburgh steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 2005 - present

He has been with the Steelers since 2005 and has won the Super Bowl Champion twice (XL,XLIII).

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