Rex Grossman

Team Washington Football Team Washington Football Team
Position Quarterback
Born Aug 23, 1980
Nationality United States United States
Team History
Washington Football Team Washington 2010 - present
Washington Football Team Washington 2010 - present
Houston Texans Houston Texans 2009

Rex Grossman is a quarterback for the Chicago Bears of the NFL. In college, he led the University of Florida Gators to two national championships. The Bears chose Grossman in the 2003 draft. He was a first-round pick, chosen 22nd overall. He spent much of his first three seasons with the club either on the bench or injured. In 2006, he completed his first full season, leading the Bears to a NFC Championship and a Super Bowl appearance.

In 2006, Grossman had an uneven season. After the first three weeks, having committed 10 turnovers and earning a rating of 45.2, he was replace by backup quarterback Brian Griese. In November, Griese was injured and Grossman became the team’s starter again. The quarterback, after performing relatively well, was injured and sidelined again.

Despite becoming an unrestricted free agent at the end of 2007, Grossman said that he wanted to return to Chicago. The Bears signed him to a one-year contract extension with the knowledge that Grossman will face competition for the starting position.

In five years, Grossman has played only one full season. That was in 2006. Over the course of his career, he has appeared in 32 regular season games, completing 489 of 900 passes earning a 54.3-percent completion rate. He has thrown 31 touchdowns and 33 interceptions. His overall rating is 70.9.

Grossman, who has had an uneven career plagued by injuries and interceptions, has shown fine mechanics. He possesses a fairly strong arm and can throw the deep ball. The quarterback is a solid leader, showing confidence on the field. He throws in tight coverage too often, which has led to huge reversals for the team and his benching. He’s not very mobile and must learn to read defenses better and get rid of the ball when trapped. He continues to work hard to improve on his deficiencies.

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