Mexico- City Prices for tickets to the Super Bowl are the most expensive you can pay for any event and the closer is the date , prices tend to rise , however , this Sunday , when Super is held bowl XLVIII is possible that the cost of tickets down to its lowest price since 2002.

According to Bloomberg, the resale market is very active because despite the popularity of the event and placed in the broader market in the United States (New York ), only the weather that is forecast for the day of the fair, Sunday 2 February has caused prices begin to decline rapidly.

According to SeatGeek site, the average selling price on the last weekend was $ 2.056, 40 % lower than the average of a week before.

And chelates temperature is expected to be that day in freezing levels and many are thinking twice before paying thousands of dollars to sit in the cold for three hours.

SeatGeek expects Sunday’s game could be the cheapest since 2002 when prices depreciated after implementing security measures following the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11, a year earlier.

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