alt textOn February 2nd, the Superbowl will take place at the Metlife stadium in New Jersey. The Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos will go head to head competing for the Superbowl XLVIII.

The Seahawks had to beat the San Francisco 49ers to reserve their ticket to New Jersey. Their counterparts, the Broncos had to beat the New England Patriots. They are currently the two best teams in the league and both deserve this shot at the Vince Lombardo trophy.

The Superbowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and is televised around the world and it will attract millions of viewers again this year.

The reason why the Superbowl is so appealing, even to non-American football fans, is that it is often the most entertaining game of the season. The two best teams of that year have to battle it out for glory.

In comparison, the other two most watched sporting events, the Champions League final and the World Cup final, are often tense, tactical and cagey affairs. Although the buildup and hype for the games is as big, the final is often an anti-climax.

In contrast, the Superbowl is relentless action, the pure nature of the game means that both sides have to try and assert their dominance, play by play. Although the whole show and circus around the game is also very entertaining, as are the witty adverts, the Superbowl is the pinnacle of any fan’s season. Every referee decision comes under immediate scrutiny, every replay matters and every down signals intent.

Even if American Football is not the viewer’s favourite sport, the game proves to be a catalyst for dozens of false promises to watch more American football. It is simply said, the best advert for the game.

This year Seattle, who have the best defence in the league, take on Denver, who boast the best offence in the NFL. Both teams will have to throw caution to the wind and attack the opponent, however given the quality on show, both sets of athletes will have to find that extra edge to secure victory.

In other competitions, the final will be a mismatch. This can lead to fairytale endings, such as relegated Wigan beating mega-rich Manchester City in the 2013 FA Cup final, but most of the time, the favourite will win.

The odds for this match also remain extremely tight. Seattle remain the bookmaker’s favourite to win, but only by a narrow margin.

While most Broncos and Seahawks fans will believe that their team can win in, the Superbowl again is proving to be one of the most anticipated sporting events for any sports fan and will surely deliver another nail-biting classic.

Sports fans love to feel part of something, they love watching athletes play a game at the highest level, the Superbowl combines that athletic prowess and that sense of belonging. Even though millions of viewers won’t be true fans, the Superbowl has the unique ability to bring these people together and provide countless hours of smalltalk at the office water cooler the next day, regardless of which country you live in.

If the thought of a pulsating match, featuring the two best teams in the country doesn’t excite you as a sports fan, then there is always the added bonus of the Red Hot Chili Peppers performing at half time!

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