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Giant's Offensive Line Looks Great

When thinking about offensive success so many people talk about the quarterback, running back and wideouts. But the fact is that there’s little chance for success if the guys in the trenches, the offensive line, are not performing. The New York Giants made a major statement today about their commitment to winning when they signed the final major component of last season’s tough and protective line.chris snee

The Giants signed right guard Chris Snee to a six-year $43.5 million contract extension. The guard, who is 26 years old, will make $24 million in the first three years of his deal.

Snee has been known throughout his college and professional careers as being extremely dependable. At Boston College, he started 48 regular-season games and with New York he’s started 59 regular-season and six post-season contests.

Snee, who is six-foot-three and 317 pounds, plays tough and is always a competitor. His first burst off the line is very effective and once he’s involved with a defender the right guard ably blocks him out. Snee is best right off the line, using his initial power to push and handle opponents. He’s limited physically and technique-wise in the second line of attack.

Snee is the third starter on the O-line that the Giants have inked to a contract extension. Other players include left tackle David Diehl and left guard Rich Seubert. Diehl now has a contract worth $31 million that will keep him with the team until 2013. Seubert is signed through 2013 also. The other two cogs in the line, Center Shaun O’Hara and right tackle Kareem McKenzie, are under contract through 2012.

With this frontline last season, the Giants had the fourth-best ground game in the league. They’re hoping to do at least that well in 2008.

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