What would happen if you brought all NFL football fans together in one room? You would probably have one of the biggest arguements on the planet that’s what.

Now there is a way for NFL fans country wide to share their football knowledge and do a bit of smacktalking in the process, the NFL Football Forum located at http://nflfootballteam.proboards74.com The NFL Football Forum was designed to bring the sports community a bit closer together and allow it’s members to chat with other football fans who may like another team than their own. Sounds cool? It is.

But that’s not all, the NFL Football Forum also includes some terrific features as well. Such as updated team news so you can find out whats going on with whatever team your rooting for, a ticker so you can check out live real time stats and scores during the game, custom profiles so you can display your favorite team as your own personal avatar and so on.

For sports fans this method of bringing fans together works well. People seem to enjoy shouting out their opinions (and you know how people love to express their opinions right?) and having a place to go where they can get back from a hard day at work and relax. Forums have been around for a long time and I doubt they will ever vanish from cyberspace. If you have never checked one out you really should as it can be a wonderful treat not to mention it’s one of the best ways of being heard around the world!

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