Plaxico Burress has a six-year contract with the New York Giants, and he’s in the third year of it.

But what are sports contracts but pieces of paper that aren’t worth anything?

Burress wants a new contract, and although he’s reported to a mandatory training camp, he’s not going to practice because he’s not happy with the way re-negotiations are going.

Sure, Burress was a bit of a hero during Super Bowl XLII win over the New England Patriots, when he caught the go-ahead pass, but he’s got a contract and he should honor it.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Shockey is acting even more childish than Plaxico. Plaxico says “he doesn’t expect to be paid like Terrell Owens or Marvin Harrison, but he does expect to be paid more than he is now. “

So at least he’s after money. Jeremy Shockey, on the other hand…who knows what he’s after?

He didn’t attend the team’s victory parade in New York or its visit to the White House or its championship ring ceremony.

His first Superbowl victory, and he doesn’t want to be present with his team to enjoy the fruits of that labor. Well…he didn’t play in the Super Bowl because he had a broken leg…perhaps he didn’t feel that he deserved to be at any of the celebrations because he didn’t contribute anything to their victory.

Nevertheless, his actions are childish…but knowing Shockey…not shocking.

Cathy gale
Sports Pundit member

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