The Arizona Cardinals have a fine, developing quarterback in Matt Leinart. They also feature a savvy veteran in camp—Kurt Warner. But don’t expect Warner, a former arena football player and Super Bowl winner, to take the young Leinart’s starting job away from him.

Arizona head coach Ken Wisenhunt has deemed Leinart the team’s starter. Still, he wants Warner to push the kid to get better. That means that Warner is in camp displaying his skills and flexing his competitive muscles.

Is this a quarterback controversy or simply a motivational technique? Well here are some facts. The Cardinals coach decided that Leinart was the starter right after the end of the 2007 season. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t change his mind and Warner knows that. The former St. Louis Rams quarterback has been the league MVP twice and a three-time Pro Bowl choice. He is a skilled player and tough competitor.

Warner has noted that he’s been told, “the best player’s going to play.” He added, “I’m competing and I’m going to make every rep count.” He said that he wanted to show everyone that he was really “the best guy” to quarterback the team.

Leinart, who hit just 56-percent of his throws in his first two seasons with the Cards, passed for 3,134 yards and 13 touchdowns, while throwing 16 interceptions. The QB claims that he’s not concerned about Warner.

Perhaps he’s unconcerned now, but if Leinart has a string of bad games, he may be looking over his shoulder at a vet who is ready to replace him and lead the team.

Paul mroczka
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