It has just been announced that Adam “Pacman” Jones paid $20,000 to a Las Vegas casino on Friday night to settle a bad check case.

On September 3 of last year, Jones received “markers” from a Las Vegas casino for money totalling $20,000 - which he then proceeded to lose.

Up until May 23, 2008, he has not bothered to pay that money back.

This comes on the heels of the recent revelations about basketball star Charles Barkley not having paid his gambling debt of over $400,000 - which one must admit is more egregious than $20,000.

Nevertheless, it’s Pacman Jones who comes across as the fool here. He’s the one who has been suspended six times for criminal activity, he’s the one who isn’t getting paid any salary until his suspension is lifted, he’s the one who can’t afford to gamble on anything, let alone games in a casino.

The Dallas Cowboys want Pacman’s suspension lifted, and they want Pacman to play for them.

Considering all the baggage Jones brings to the team - much more than Terrell Owens ever dreamed of bringing - this is a disaster in the making.

If Jones is a model citizen while he’s in Dallas I’ll be happy for him, of course. But if he’s a failure… the Cowboys unfortunately will only have themselves to blame.

And should that be the case, one wonders if any other “troubled” athletes will be given a sixth or a seventh chance to make good, or if the NFL will simply cut them loose at that time.

Cathy gale
Sports Pundit member

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