Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Carson Palmer is unhappy with the fact that the team’s two Pro Bowl receivers are not attending the club’s voluntary camp. The Bengals have three new rookie receivers and the veteran QB believes that the vets should be mentoring the new guys.

But receivers Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh are staying away. Johnson is doing so because he’s seeking a trade, while Houshmandzadeh has said that his preference is to workout at his home.

Palmer, who conceded that his two teammates had to attend to their private concerns, said, “You’d hope that a guy like Chad and a guy like T.J. would be here helping guys out and trying to make the team better in that way.

Coach Marvin Lewis, who issued everyone at the camp a bright orange T-shirt with the word ‘NOW’ across it, wants to build a supportive team atmosphere where individuals take responsibility. The word ‘NOW’ refers to the fact that the present, right now, is the time to make a positive effort and build team chemistry

The Bengals have had their problems with talented players as of late, having let two troubled guys– wide receiver Chris Henry and linebacker Odell Thurman go during the offseason.

Quarterback Palmer is on Lewis’ bandwagon. Will Johnson and Houshmandzadeh join the parade and help create a cohesive team?

Paul mroczka
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