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Brett Favre Retires (Again)

After 18 years, Brett Favre has decided to retire, making his one and only season as a New York Jet his swan song. Favre, who played unevenly for the New York Jets this season, saw his team finish out of the playoffs. brett favre

This season, he led the NFL in interceptions, tossing 22. His completion rate, however, was one of the highest of his career—65.7%. His rating was 81.0, lower than his career average of 85.4.

The Green Bay Packers’ legend holds a slew of NFL records, including most wins by a starting QB (169), most consecutive starts (269) and most career passing yards (65,127). He’s also set the mark for most career touchdown passes (464), most career completions (5,720) and most career interceptions (310).

In his long career, Favre was a playmaker and risk-taker. With seconds ticking down in the fourth quarter, he could just as easily toss an interception as a touchdown pass. But he was always capable of the big play.

After the 2007- 2008 season, it looked like Favre was going to retire. Although he was still under contract with the Packers, the veteran QB and team had agreed that he would no longer play. The Pack retired his locker, presenting it to him, and they prepared Aaron Rodgers to take over the helm.

Then Favre created a soap opera atmosphere by trying to get Green Bay to give him a chance to start. For numerous months the drama played out until Favre was sent to the New York Jets.

With Favre calling signals for the Jets, former NY starter Chad Pennington went to the Miami Dolphins. All of these moves, plus the season-ending injury to the New England Patriots QB Tom Brady, create parity in the AFC East.

On the last day of the season, the Jets, Dolphins and Pats all had a chance to make the playoffs. Miami survived the day, going to the playoffs a year after they set a 1- 15 regular season mark.

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