Last Minute Touchdown wins Super Bowl for Steelers

The favorites won the Super Bowl when Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals in a game 27-23 after great suspense.

As expected it was Pittsburgh that brought home their sixth Super Bowl title, an NFL record.Santonio Holmes>

But the victory was a close call. With only 35 seconds left to go Santonio Holmes managed to close the game with a touchdown reception that will go down in history as one of the most spectacular in a Super Bowl game.

Arizona had just before recovered what looked like a safe lead from the Steelers.

At halftime the score was 17-7 in Pittsburgh’s favor and considering the strong defensive the team has had throughout the season only a fierce optimist would put bets on Arizona.

But Arizona came out as a new team in the second half and just like this past season it was quarterback Kurt Warner and receiver Larry Fitzgerald that were responsible for team’s offensive.

When Fitzgerald with 2.37 minutes left to play delivered his second touchdown the Cardinals lead the game for the first time.

The Steelers had just one attack to turn the game back again and when they needed it the most the colossal Ben Roethlisberger stepped forward.

Pittsburgh’s QB sent a deep pass towards Santonio Holmes, who in a truly acrobatic move managed to catch the ball while simultaneously landing on his two feet in the end zone.

Touchdown - and the Steelers may title themselves “Most Champions” in the NFL.

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