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NFL Playoffs—I’ve Been Right

Here is the skinny on my 2008- 2009 NFL playoff picks. I have gone nine and 10 over the first three weeks, beating the spread. super bowl xliii

Week One

In the first round, the Wild-Card week, of the NFL playoffs I picked three of four. I was wrong on the Atlanta versus Arizona game. I thought the Falcons’ defense would shut down the Cards “O.” I did not imagine that Arizona would field a running game, but they did. I also didn’t expect the Cardinals’ defense to show up, but they did too.

I was right on the Philadelphia Eagles schooling Minnesota, Baltimore taking it to Miami and San Diego surprising Indianapolis.

Week Two

Although Arizona was the underdog against the Carolina Panthers, I had become a believer. I picked the Cards and they won easily, making five interceptions. The Eagles were hosted by the New York Giants, and they treated the defending Super Bowl champs badly by upsetting them. It was another underdog win. The Tennessee Titans, the top seed in the AFC, were also upset by their guests, the Ravens. The only favorite to win in this round was the Pittsburgh Steelers, and they did so by covering the spread. I went four for four in week two.

Week Three

The final round before the Super Bowl saw the Cardinals meet the favored Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers host the upstart Baltimore Ravens. The Eagles defense could not hold back Kurt Warner and company, despite the fact that Philadelphia quarterback Donovan McNabb managed to lead a second-half rally. The Steelers handled the Ravens easily by putting a lot of pressure on rookie Joe Flacco, picking him off three times.

My Percentage

I’ve been right on 90% of my picks for the 2008- 2009 NFL Playoffs. I’ll be posting my pick for the Super Bowl in another article. Who will it be—the Pittsburgh Steelers (-7) or the Arizona Cardinals (+7).

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