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2009 Pro Bowl Quarterbacks

The Pro Bowl is just around the corner and the rosters are out. I wanted to consider the quarterbacks and whether or not the right guys got the job. kurt warner throws a touchdown


Kurt Warner of the Arizona Cardinals gets the starting nod for the NFC. The reserves are Drew Brees of New Orleans and Eli Manning of the New York Giants.

My feeling is that the choice of Warner as the starter is right on target. The guy had a MVP season (sorry, apologies to Peyton Manning). Warner made the Cardinals click and they are in the Super Bowl.

Drew Brees had a phenomenal year statistically. Yes, he deserves to be there. As far as Eli Manning is concerned, my feeling is that he’s there by default. I have to wonder why Donovan McNabb, who had a much tougher job in getting the Eagles to the post-season, is not going instead?


Peyton Manning will start for the AFC and I guess that makes sense. I’m wonder why Phillip Rivers is not rostered. I think it’s because his San Diego Chargers, although they finished first in the West, were 8- 8. The other quarterbacks chosen were Brett Favre, who will not play because he is injured, and Jay Cutler of Denver. Kerry Collins, the signal caller for Tennessee, will replace Favre.

I’m not sure of Favre. I mean he is one tough player, but the fact is that Rivers should have been given that spot. If that were the case, a choice would need to be made between Cutler and Collins. My choice would be Cutler. He is simply a much better quarterback.

Remember this Date

The 2009 Pro Bowl will be held on February 8, 2009. It will he held in Honolulu, Hawaii, in Aloha Stadium. There should be a whole lot of passes thrown that day. Watch it!

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