Football is a game of formations and a game filled with strategies.

Take for instance, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. For the last three years this team has been using the West Coast offense formation or attack. This formation is complicated and takes years to implement and perfect. The ideal situation in the West Coast offense is to have 50% passing and 50% running. The beauty of using this football strategy is that they can either run or pass.

When this offense is used in football and it is working properly the team can use the running or passing attack from the same formation, thus confusing the other team. One example of the West Coast offense is when the quarterback passes laterally to the running back who can then either run with the football or pass to the receiver if he is open further down the field.

Another offensive formation is called the Statue of Liberty play. In this play the quarterback fakes a pass to the receiver. In his other hand he has actually hidden the ball and then hands it off to the running back who will often be able to carry the football for several yards or even for a touchdown.

A defensive formation that is used often in football is called the Nickel Package. In this formation up to five defensive players can be placed on the scrimmage line. This is used as a tactic to stop the run.

Another defensive formation is the Dime Package. This formation is used to make the other team think they are going to try to stop the pass but they may change it out to trick the offense.

A defensive formation that is sometimes used is called the Blitz. When a team uses this formation they disguise using a cornerback or free safety who will rush the line and usually tackle the quarterback. The cornerback or free safety is often untouched because the defense used the disguise and the other team didn

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