Tom Brady Joins E1 Series to Become "Champion of the Water"
Alejandro Agag, Sophi Horne, Tom Brady and Rodi Basso. July 20, 2023. Photo Courtesy: E1 Series Media.

Seven-time Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady joins the revolutionary E1 Series, taking on a new sporting challenge, acting as a team owner in the world’s first all-electric foiling powerboat world championship.

The need for speed has knocked on the door of legendary NFL quarterback Tom Brady who has joined the UIM E1 World Championship as a team owner, determined to win.

Watch Brady introducing his new team here.

The ultimate on-water racing venture, the E1 Series, aims to help improve the health of the seas and oceans while establishing a highly competitive new sporting competition and developing new sustainable technologies.

Alejandro Agag, Co-Founder and Chairman of the UIM E1 World Championship, spoke about the most recent athlete to join the series: “It’s great to welcome Tom Brady to the UIM E1 World Championship. Tom is a winner and will bring his incredible spirit to our races.

Alongside Rafael Nadal, Didier Drogba, Sergio Perez, and other big names that we will announce soon, he will be fighting for victory at every race. To have a personality like Tom is a huge boost for the UIM E1 World Championship.”

The Spanish entrepreneur has made innovation a personal trademark; in 2014, alongside former FIA president Jean Todt, he launched the revolutionary all-electric single-seater racing series that in 2020 became a World Championship.

The journey, combining adventure, competition, environmental challenges, and technology, continued in 2019 when Agag introduced the FIA-sanctioned Extreme E series.

The first off-road, all-electric racing platform, currently in its third season, competes in remote locations on the planet affected by climate change.

E1 Series Co-Founder & CEO Rodi Basso, a renowned Italian engineer, shared Agag’s vision which led them to embark on the odyssey of electrifying water mobility, bearing in mind to leave a positive impact on the locations where the series will compete.

Previously, Basso worked in Formula 1 with Scuderia Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, and as a Motorsport Director with McLaren Applied Technologies.

But the man who “always dreamt of using motorsport to demonstrate and gain visibility around technology and then build solutions with it in other fields” now partners with Agag to bring the best of head-to-head racing to iconic cities around the globe, turning a dream into reality for future generations.

As Brady joins the new series, he commented: “It is an incredible privilege to welcome a sporting legend to the UIM E1 World Championship. But for Tom Brady, it’s not just about his sporting legacy and success, he wants to leave a positive impact and inspire the next generation, which resonates so much with our DNA at the UIM E1 World Championship.”

Inside E1

In the build-up of the inaugural E1 World Championship, licensed by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM), set to break new ground early in 2024, the organizers have revealed the first seven venues to feature in the provisional calendar.

Jeddah will host the Season 1 debut race; then, it heads to the second round in the Middle East, yet to be confirmed, Venice in Italy (doubleheader), a location in Europe yet to be announced, the Principality of Monaco, and Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Five teams have joined the field for the inaugural season, led by sports legends, such as Formula 1 race driver Sergio Perez, 22-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal, and former all-time footballer top scorer Didier Drogba.

Up to 12 teams will compete in the inaugural season, with one pilot per boat.

The 24 pilots are set to fly above the water’s surface behind the wheel of the RaceBird vessel, developed in partnership with SeaBird Technologies, its founder Sophi Horne, and brought to life by naval architect and marine engineer Brunello Acampora.

The Racebird uses hydrofoil technology and can reach a top speed of 50 knots (93 kph or 58 mph) with a peak power output of 150 kW, equivalent to 200 bhp, adding to the futuristic design.

Over a year ago, the RaceBird made its public debut at the Salone Nautico Venezia 2022, sailing in the iconic waters of the enchanting Italian city of Venice.

The event also saw the first official team to commit to E1, Venice Racing Team, announcing Gianluca Carli as their first pilot.

The racing weekend schedule will comprise two days of competition, set to be staged on Friday and Saturday.

Each venue will feature a qualifying stage, quarterfinals, semifinals, and a final stage with four teams battling for victory.

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