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Wideout Crabtree Leaving Texas Tech for NFL

In two seasons as a college football player, wide receiver Michael Crabtree has been a standout, being chosen as the best pass catcher in the NCAA both years. With a wealth of college experience under his belt and talent to spare, Crabtree announced on Wednesday that he was entering this year’s NFL Draft. texas tech s michael crabtree

Crabtree is the right size for a NFL receiver, standing at six-foot-three and weighing 214 pounds. In his college career, he averaged 13.3 yards per catch and 20.5 touchdown passes per season. He amassed a total of 3,127 yards. Four times this season he had 100-plus yard games. In four contests, he caught two touchdown passes and in two he grabbed three scores. In his freshman season, when he notched 10 games of 100 or more yards, he played in seven multiple touchdown contests. In college, he averaged 120.3 yards per game and 1.6 touchdowns.

The wide receiver hopes to be a top-five draft pick. Crabtree said about playing football, “The main thing is, it’s work. It’s your job now. You’ve got to wake up every day working.” There are a range of clubs that can use him, including the Buffalo Bills. The Detroit Lions could also benefit from his skills and talent.

Last season, as an unknown quantity, the frosh wideout put up record-setting stats. This year, as a man marked by opposing defenses, he still managed to post strong numbers.

Crabtree announced his decision to go pro at a press conference held at a top hotel in suburban Dallas, Texas. Former NFL star Deion Sanders managed the event. Crabtree, who sports diamond earings, is looking to cash in this season while he’s hot and uninjured. In passing up his third season, Crabtree will miss working with a new quarterback. That process could undermine his receiving numbers. Thus, the wide receivers’ decision to enter the draft is seen as a good one since in doing so he’s optimizing his numbers, popularity and health.

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