NFL Cleared Player's Non-Contractual Obligation for Injuries Outside the NFL Facility

During the end-season, Ju’Wuan James had a potential Achilles injury, which became a wildfire of debate amongst football fans. Because of the injury, fans were discussing his salary, whether he is paid or not while he was away due to his injury that happened outside the NFL Facility.

This heated online debate caught NFL’s attention and NFL eventually clarified these matters with a memorandum disseminated to 32 teams on Wednesday, reminding them of the NFL’s non-contractual obligation for non-football-related injuries outside their facility.

In the said memo, NFL reminded the teams that when a player got injured outside the team’s supervision or NFL’s facility is considered a non-football injury, therefore, his salary won’t be covered by his contract. James’ $10 million contracts for the 2021 season happened in the Broncos’ facility, therefore, his injury is considered a non-covered football injury.

The decision would depend on James’ team, on how they’re able to cope with his compensation. It might also mean that the Broncos’ facility will be paying James his $10 million salaries. As of now, James and his team are waiting for the decision that may take place in the weeks ahead.

James was working out “on his own” when the incident happened, therefore NFL has no contractual obligation to James’ injury. Under the Football-Related Injuries within the NFL, facility means that the player is entitled to his salary, medical care, pension credits, and payments if the injury caused the player’s end-career.

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