Adrian Peterson Looking for a Contender As He Chased Championships

Adrian Peterson Looking for a Contender As He Chased Championships Photo: TT

As of now, Adrian Peterson is still a free agent, and if he wants anything he goals to achieve, that is, to return to the ring, as he stated during an interview with Sirius XM NFL Radio last February. His statement and goal remained unchanged, as he stated that he’s looking for a contender and a team that is willing far enough to chase the championship.

Maybe Peterson is looking for someone like LeSean McCoy, who did the same thing in the last thing season. McCoy, on the other hand, was released by the Buffalo Bills in 2019, so he chose transferring to the Kansas City Chiefs for only a year.

McCoy was able to make a huge difference while he was with the Chiefs because he appeared in 13 games with a dashing four-score record. Although he was inactive in the game, still the Chiefs managed to win the Super Bowl. By the following year, he played with the Buccaneers, but he doesn’t make a huge impact, as he only had a record of carrying the ball 10 times for 31 yards.

Just in case Peterson wanted to match McCoy’s experiences from one team to another, it wouldn’t be impossible for Peterson to achieve that. It may not be exactly what he’s looking for in a team, but he also can’t make a quiet contribution if he spends more time on the sideline for an entire season.

The 36-year old player always had a drive for the championship, so upon his lengthy career and for his love for the sports, he is expected to chase the championship. He mentioned that if he plans to retire and when he looked back at his previous career, he can proudly tell himself that he did his best and finished his goals on his terms.

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