Andrew Luck Enemy of NFL Fans?

Andrew Luck is the talk of the NFL and the topic of Sportswriters and naysayers throughout the land. When Luck decided to call it quits Saturday afternoon, I am sure he expected some backlash, but these levels are certainly more than he could have imagined. I wonder why the so many fans and pundits think that he owes it to them or anyone to continue to play. Luck deserved to ride off into the proverbial sunset like the gunslinger he was, not feel compelled to question a decision he knows is right. Luck made this decision after much thought and he said he never wanted his career to be like it was when he was injured previously. He grew up loving the game and walking away when he did gives him the chance to not grow to hate the sport that he played so well.

I watched in the 90’s when Barry Sanders walked away from the Lions when he was on top of the rushing world, primed to break the all-time rushing record, and I was saddened deeply as a Lions fan. I didn’t think that he owed me another season or an explanation, so why do so many fans believe that athletes owe them a performance. Playing football is their job and they can choose to find something new or stop anytime they want. Speculation as to why Sanders quit was the huge topic, but I don’t feel like he got the backlash and disrespect that Luck is getting now. I want to be the first to say that Luck deserves nothing but our utmost respect for making the decision to do what he knows is right for his body and more importantly his soul. Applaud him don’t boo him Indianapolis, and critics don’t question his heart, it’s as big as his right arm and his smile. You will be missed Andrew Luck, but hopefully remembered and not forgotten.

David Gaines

Sports Pundit member @@dgaines23

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