Randy Gregory Suspended Indefinitely AGAIN for Fourth Substance Policy Violation

By now, it should come as no surprise that Dallas Cowboy’s Defensive End, Randy Gregory, is suspended yet again for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy as well as the terms of his conditional reinstatement. The team made the announcement on February 26, 2019.

Not the First Time for Randy

This is the fourth time that Randy Gregory has been suspended for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. His first violation was back in 2015 when he failed a drug test at the scouting combine. At the time, Gregory has admitted that he has been struggling to curb his marijuana usage since during college. Still, Gregory was a promising player so the Cowboys took their chance on him and what a performance he’s given the team when he is able to play.

Decreased Game Appearances Due to Suspension

It can be noted that while Gregory was able to make it through his rookie season, he was given a four-game suspension back in February 2016 for a substance-abuse violation. The league also gave him a separate 10-game ban for that season, which meant that Gregory only played two games in 2016.

It’s hard to argue whether Gregory took this hard because he was suspended for another violation in November of the same year, which led to his full-year suspension. The 26 year old defensive end sat out all the games of the 2017 season and had to apply for reinstatement in order to play.

Reinstatement Granted for Gregory

Gregory was given the chance to play last season when he was cleared and reinstated back in July of 2018. He then managed to give six sacks as well as 25 tackles in 14 games. When it comes to talent, Randy Gregory as a defensive end is definitely there.

Many rejoiced when Gregory was cleared and reinstated in July of 2018, his family, legal representatives, his fans, and his team among them.

Four Suspensions in Four Years

It is still unclear how long his suspension or his game ban will be for Randy’s latest violation, but it counts as his fourth suspension in his four years with the NFL.

After his reinstatement in July 2018, Randy was already at the Stage Three level of the league’s substance abuse program. This is the league’s most advanced stage. In this stage, players are subject to unannounced drug testing of up to 10 times in a month, as well as treatment plans, and re-evaluation of clinical resources done regularly.

Support and Expectations for Gregory

According to Gregory’s representative, everyone is still expecting him to get on the field and playing as soon as possible. The team and representing party’s confidence in Gregory has not wavered and they recognize that this is more than just football. The public has also recognized that this is a personal and private matter for Gregory and so the family as well as the Cowboys extend their gratitude to the public in their support for the team, most especially the substance abuse and mental health issues of promising defensive end Randy Gregory.

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