The Miami Dolphins Donate Money to the Victims of the Parkland Shooting

On what was supposed to be a memorable day for students on Wednesday, a Valentine’s Day, happened instead a grueling school shooting that left 17 students, faculty, and staff dead. In response to this tragedy, the community have gathered together in a prayer vigil not only to commemorate the passing of the victims’ lives, but also to cry out for change. The Miami Dolphins have shown their support and solidarity with the victims’ families by donating financial aid.

Support for a Slain Hero

No parent ever suspects their children will be put in danger when they are in school. Especially in Parkland where it tops the state of Florida’s list of safest cities in 2017. Who would be prepared to receive such news that their loved ones have passed due to an incident such as the one that happened in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 people dead.

Many sports personalities and teams have shown their support for the families of the victims and one of them is the Miami Dolphins. The team chipped in to the community fund as well as aided the family of the assistant football coach Aaron Feis. Feis has been recognized as a hero since the time of the shooting after putting his body in the way of gunfire in order to shield students.

Darren Rizzi, the Dolphin’s special team’s coordinator, was the one who presented the Feis family with a check amounting to $17,500. It was a collective effort from the players of the team, coaches, and Miami Dolphin employees. A total of almost 50 people came together to donate for the Feis family and the community fund. Rizzi also said in an interview that he has known Feis for several years when he would go on recruiting trips.

Dolphins Show Support to the Victims’ Families

On the morning after the tragedy occurred, the Dolphin’s came together not to meet about the latest game or the next practice, but to discuss what they could do for the community affected by the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. Aside from donating to the Feis family, they were also able to donate $100,000 to the GoFundMe page of the Stoneman Douglas victims. This was a collaborative effort organized by the Broward Education Foundation in support of the victims’ families. Thousands have donated to the campaign and as of writing a total of more than a million dollars has been raised.

Turning the Spotlight on the Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

There was not a doubt in Darren Rizzi’s voice as he said in an interview that assistant coach Feis and people like him are the real heroes. He pointed out that many look up at NFL stars and coaches and see these individuals as heroes, but in reality, even the ordinary people like assistant coach Feis can do extraordinary things by what they do in the day to day lives of young people and be the real hero.

Coach Feis was married and had a daughter. He coached the JV football team for eight years and had just started coaching linemen for both the JV and varsity squads.

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